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...with delicious food, good friends, & no body bashing or diet talk

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SAVOR Food & Body is an exclusive group coaching program created for middle-aged women who are tired of worrying about what to eat and how to look.

Women who want to live vibrant, healthy lives, and feel good in their bodies.

Women who want to find a community of like-minded gals who support each other & have more important things to talk about than the size of their thighs or what they're not eating.

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Join SAVOR Food & Body Group Coaching

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This exclusive group coaching program for women in their 30's, 40's, and 50's includes...

  • 6 weekly group coaching sessions with Amanda Bullat, anti-diet dietitian & Intuitive Eating counselor
  • Live weekly webinars & discussions on topics such as Intuitive Eating, Body Image, The SAVOR technique of healing, and more
  • Reflection tools to inspire action each week
  • And a bonus gift box with everything you need to start SAVORing Food & Body

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